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 badgers and hamsters.
omg, omg... did you guys read the P&P and Zombies novel? It is so great (I am a huge Jane Austen fan, and was sceptical at first)! I can't believe this is happening... A MOVIE... AND Matt SMith is in it... I am so excited!!! Love your blog even more after the news :) <3

AHHH ok good this gives me hope because I was worried it might be really trashy

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Matt Smith Cast in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies 


Smith will play Mr. Collins, one of Ms. Bennett’s pious and quirky suitors. Production on the film will begin in just a few days on September 24th. The cast includes Lily James, Sam Riely, Jack Huston, Bella Heathcote, and Douglas Booth. Burr Steers is directing and Natalie Portman is one of the many producers.

its terminator.

terminator genesis wrapped last month. this is a new project!

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What is Matt's new project??? I'm dying to know!

We don’t know either! He mentioned a potential project at his latest doctor who panel with Karen and he told the audience it was “your kind of thing” so maybe something sci fi???

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"If you could've been any Doctor Who villain, what villain would you have been?" -Wizard World Chicago, 24 August 2014 

  • Matt: You remind me a bit of Davros, actually. Davros slash Krang [from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles]. Tell me I'm wrong.
  • Moderator: There's a Davros/Krang connection there, yeah.
  • Karen: So I'm a big gooey thing on the inside?! How dare you, I'm nothing like a big gooey thing! You'd make a good flesh monster. You wouldn't need any makeup. [laughs hysterically]
  • Matt: I think--what was that episode with, you know, with the little bits of fat that wobble around? [points at Karen and imitates an adipose]
  • Karen: I can't believe it!
  • Matt: Let's just keep insulting each other via Doctor Who monsters.

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thank you for chronicling the history of the greatest friendship of all time. your reaction gifs are the greatest!

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Did you know that Matt was twerking at that recent after party? Can you imagine??

i do not even want to imagine

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It’s been almost two years since Amy Pond left so what better time to remember and appreciate her? Let’s dedicate a whole week to our magnificent Amy Pond. Make graphics, gifs, meta, fic, fanmixes, headcanons, whatever you want.

 Day 1: Favorite Moment(s) and/or Favorite Quote(s)

 Day 2: Favorite Hairstyle(s) and/or Outfit(s)

 Day 3: Favorite Relationship/Friendship

 Day 4: Favorite Series/Arc

 Day 5One Episode

 Day 6: Favourite Traits

 Day 7: Free Choice 

Tag things with ”#amyweek”

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Define hipsters.


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My brothers watched the Big Questions video and now they're imitating Matt imitating Karen. Oooh nooo!

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